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Firefox 3.5 Now the Most Popular Browser Worldwide

Just read an interesting Slashdot article – “Firefox 3.5 Now the Most Popular Browser Worldwide.”

gQuigs notes a graph up at StatCounter Global Statistics, which shows that in the last few days Firefox 3.5 became the most used browser version worldwide, edging ahead of IE7.IE8 is rising fast (along with Windows 7), but over the last few months the slope of Firefox’s worldwide curve has been steeper. (In the US, IE8 has always been ahead of Firefox 3.5; in Europe Firefox has led since late summer.) The submitter suggests using the time when Firefox rules the roost, globally speaking, to put the final nail in the coffin of IE6, which still has a 14% global share (5%-7% in the US and EU; China and Korea are holding up IE6′s numbers).

Now, before we get too excited about that as some of the commentators note, IE (all versions) > Firefox (all versions) with 55% to 32%, respectively, as we see in the following graph.

and summarized in the following comment:

dido (9125)  The real story here is in the trends of each version. IE7 and IE6 are in decline. For Internet Explorer, only IE8 is still growing, but its rate of growth is significantly slower than Firefox’s. The headline may be misleading, but the the summary is right on the money. If these trends keep up, the headline may well become true a lot sooner than you seem to think.

Meanwhile, firefox 3.5 claims to bring significant speed improvements, which is always good!